Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
  We are the Local Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America)

Meeting are every 2nd Saturday of the month from March thru October at 1:00pm    
But the creek is open to anyone any day of the week, just sign in with Robin at the store....
                                         and have a great day :)
With gold prospecting being the fastest growing outdoor recreation in Indiana,
its important that the  people new to the hobby get started out right, we are here to help with
that. Everybody is always welcome to join our club
(its free to join local chapters) or drop by a meeting and ask questions...
we are happy to help.
All you need to do to become a member of the Southern Chapter is say
you want to..... how much easer could that be?
                  Our next meeting will be
                     on the 2nd saturday
                           of this month
         If its not after October or before March

              The club shuts down in winter

   If you can't find Gatesville
call me and I'll tell you how to
                get there
    Clarence Snyder-Webguy
  I have a new phone number:
Remember shirts
are still available
small to 5X on order
          We have drawings at the meetings and give door prizes.

Everyone is always welcome to drop by a meeting and check it out or just say Hi.

                         All local chapters are always free to join.
                         We are a non profit organization.
Gold prospecting - fastest growing outdoor recreation in Indiana
                      Everyones doing it.why not you?
We support
Our Friend Robin Stevens
At The Gatesville Country Store
Gatesville Country Store
4525 Salt Creek Rd.
Nashville, IN 47448
Other Local clubs we are affiliated with include:
Brown County Rock and Mineral Club
Central Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
Boys and Girls Club Bloomington
If you can think of any more or just want your club added here, please let me know.
Adopt a puppy or kitten if you can.
Its the only true love you can buy.

Today is a great day to save a life.

    Older pets are great also
This months photos are posted on the photos page
Click here for maps
  We also support our
friends with the Indiana
who have always worked
with us when it comes to

Jim Bowers walk Page
Never forget

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Recreational Gold Prospecting Info Page

If you are new to prospecting please check out one of Indiana's local clubs.
They are free to join and will be happy to help you out and get you started right.
You may also make some new friends along the way.
It really is more then putting dirt in a pan and shaking it around.
We have 2 clubs in Indiana right now and maybe more on the way.
Check out our links to the other chapters
Matt Grover have a new website for prospectors
                              Check it out here

    Lots of great info for the Mid-west gold hunter
Click here

Lets go gold panning


    As always if I missed anyone, I am sorry... I try, but it happens.
  If I missspelleded anything please let me know. sorry for that also.
If you can think of any way to make this page better please PLEASE!
                    Let me know and I will do my best to "fix" it.

Every month the club has one or more door prize drawings and you can win
      many things from gold pans to prospecting suppplys to silver coins.
You never know what we will have to give away, and everyone gets a chance.
           We also sell tickets for nicer prizes like gold nuggets and other stuff.

Everyone is always welcome to stop by and its free to join the local chapers.
        So if you have ever wanted to learn how to find local Indiana gold
   or just try it out for the fun of it, and meet people that like getting outdoors
       then you really should drop by one of the local chapters and say "Hi".
  We here in the Southern Chapter will do our best to make you feel right at
  home and see to if you have some fun as will. If your from Northern or Central
            Indiana you cal always check out the other Chapters as well.
                                 But you should start with us.
           Gatesville is just a few miles outside of Nashville Indiana.
Salt Creek runs thru Gatesville and we can use about a mile or so of the
                   creek in each direction from the Country Store.

                  The thing about Gatesville is its easy to get into
           (you can drive right upto the creek and unload your gear)
       The waters slow and shallow with geodes for the kids to pickup.
Lets keep the internet
Open in this country

     Salt Creek
Gatesville Indiana

Fight Censorship
   of the Internet

                        Garrett Metal Detectors
                       Proline Mining Equipment, INC.

                 Check em out at ---->

     Wray's Treasure Shop
              Metal Detecting Equipment Supplier
                             as well as gold pans
                   Address: 3137 WEST STATE ROAD 58
                               Phone:(812) 497-2537
                     Rosewind Mining Supply
           A Division of Rosewind Enterprises

                    503-680-9159 M-F 9-4 PST

    enter the coupon code GPAA when making a            purchase to receive an additional 3% discount
            The copyright for this website refers strictly to the domain name "", and in no way
            makes any claim towards copyrighting the material found within, all photos are the property of the persons
who owns them. Clip-art is mostly found in public domain or is made by myself and others and given into public domain.
                     The information provided on this website is intended to be used to aid those in search of information
                         concerning gold prosecting in and around Brown County Indiana.  Many thanks  to those who have
                       gladly shared their knowledge, photographs, time, and stories with the "Southern Indiana Gold Club"
If you have any suggestions on how to inprove this web site please let me know

        All suggestion will be considered and if not to much work on my part
                                                 well be implemented.
Cppyright © 2010-2017 Clarence Snyder/Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA © 2017
       The Web Guy
     Clarence Snyder
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We hope you enjoy your visit
Please come back anytime.
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I know the site is a bit cluttered
But stay with us. you may find
          something cool.
Jim's Walk Donation Page
I'm walking to help reclaim the future for millions. By participating in the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, I'm committed to raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research, care and support.
Thank you Jim

              I'll see you all in June 9th
                            At Gatesville
Well last October's photos anyway.
I only have one more year as President so we need to get someone
                       to step up and take Vice President spot.
We have the V.P. become the President at the end of the two years.
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As most of you know the next meeting 
will be my last as President.
Its been great fun and a learning experence.
But I am also glad to NOT be President
anymore. I can get back to working on the web page
more and showing new folks how to get stated panning.
Thanks again everyone.

Club Officers

Jack Eutsler        -            President                      Pending - No Contact informaton yet

Rich lewellen       -            Vice Oresident              Pending - No Contact informaton yet

Larry Neal         -                Treasurer                     Staying - Can not contact

Lynn Dart            -             Secretary                     Staying - Can not contact

Clarence Snyder        -      WebMaster                   Staying

   Please if you have any questions or info you think we should have
   send it to one of the adderss about. I am always happy to receve
   Emails with questions or whatever so don't be shy                     
Brown County Rock and               Mineral Club
  Meets in Nashville Indiana
       every 3rd Saturday
    at the 4H fairgrounds

        Check them out

     everyone is welcome

          Check out
    They have lots of info
  on where to find gold in

but don't forget to come back
Salt Creek, Gatesville Indiana
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